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In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, it is more important than ever to address important human resources issues before they manifest themselves as at-risk behaviors. Make sure your management team has the tools they need to manage your people.

HR Consulting

Let’s discuss the situation. How do you see the problem? Is it an individual, or is it something happening within the work group? We will formulate an action plan and steps for follow-through and evaluation of results.


Employee Engagement Protects Your Bottom Line

Your management team needs to promote employee engagement and solidify your company culture with fair, proactive management practice, relevant policies and clear communication. Make sure that they know best management practices including how to recognize, reward and correct behavior that puts your company at risk. On-site, customized training prepares them to handle employee problems that interfere with productivity and high performance teamwork.

Whom do you call for on-site, customized training to support your managers and employees?

Denise Eaves is a licensed psychotherapist, trainer and management consultant with 20+ years of workplace experience. Personal issues, stress and communication problems may interfere with an employee’s ability to work well. Middle managers need to know how to handle complex behavior problems according to your policies and within the bounds of legal requirements. Our on-site, customized training provides an opportunity for learning new skills and discussion of complex situations to protect your company.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Marijuana Boundaries
  • Mental/Emotional Issues
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Death of an Employee
  • Workplace Accident
  • Team Building
  • Wellness Topics

Is Dysfunctional Behavior Impacting Productivity?

A weak link impacts the strength of the entire team. Attendance problems, costly employee turnover, accidents, waste and the potential for lawsuits interfere with your ability to succeed. In a workplace with unmanaged at-risk behaviors (harassment, the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, emotional, mental and personal problems) productivity and morale suffer. Managers who recognize and address those behaviors keep valuable employees productive. When they coach for results it helps keep your business operating in the black and protects your good name in the community.

Our workshops use case studies in which risky behaviors related to drug abuse, harassment and other dysfunctional work-related behaviors are analyzed in small teams and then shared with the larger group for discussion and action planning. The interaction of new information and the experience of participants grows your management team as they learn together and practice new skills.

For more information please contact Denise Eaves at 847 637 5239 for a free consultation and a discussion of your organization’s needs.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Denise’s presentations are exceptionally interactive and engage the audience with real world examples... She is able to entertain participants while still conveying the importance of serious content.–Michelle A, An Independent Chicago Metropolitan hospital.

  • Once again, Denise shined with the way she engaged our members and took what is mostly a boring, yet very necessary subject and made it current and fun.–Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce>